Why My Book Addresses Fulfillment

Excerpt from my book:

“The fuzzy Christmas throw I’d purchased sat on a table near the front door. I’d bought it for my friend Katie, who’d adored the blanket at my house the previous year. I’d felt so clever about finding one for her, but now the blanket accused me—how could I have let so many days go by without taking it to her? We were well into Advent. I remembered the pile of ornaments I’d never delivered the previous year, which robbed me of Christmas cheer. As the blanket caught my eye, I sighed and considered my schedule, just as I’d done the last several days, not sure when the twenty-minute trip to her house could fit. The irony of writing about making life more fulfill- ing while struggling to deliver a gift I was excited about wasn’t lost on me, and I determined that this would be the day I’d make it a priority. I grabbed the blanket, made the drive, and knocked on the door. It was so gratifying to see Katie’s face light up with delight. Later that day she texted me a picture of herself and her young son cuddling under the blanket. I felt such joy!”

“It can be hard to squeeze small yet fulfilling things into our busy lives. Without some determination, that blanket might have stayed on the table until Lent! Often we skip fulfilling experiences because we aren’t intentional enough. Our task now is to figure out how to live more fulfilled lives hour to hour and day to day. Remember, you can have all the big pieces in place but still need major work in some of these areas.”

I see this all too often in my office. People have all the big pieces in place but they just don’t feel fulfilled! And it is REALLY hard to feel a deep sense of well-being when feeling unfulfilled. 

I’m on a mission–to help my readers understand that we are often missing out on fulfillment because of a lack of intentional effort in SMALL things, like me finally delivering the blanket to Katie! It does NOT have to be overwhelmingly difficult to be more fulfilled. My book offers five proven skills to help you get there! My book offers five proven skills to help you grow fulfillment in your life.

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  1. Thanks for the insight Janice , of being intentional about the hour by hour fulfillment possibilities!
    So looking forward to reading your whole book!

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