Enneagram Consultation and Spiritual Consultation

The Enneagram is a tool that identifies strategies that each of us has adopted to deal with our lives. It has been utilized for personal growth by business leaders, therapists, coaches, spiritual directors, and spiritual masters in various traditions. For those who want to gain insight about their personality through use of the Enneagram, I offers a three-session consultation that includes an assessment of type, exploration of directions of integration and disintegration, relational issues, and spiritual implications. Many clients choose to continue with regular coaching as they learn the Enneagram and seek to understand how to apply the wisdom to their lives.
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The Enneagram as a tool for couple work helps partners appreciate differences with more compassion and less judgment. I have seen couple after couple transform as Enneagram wisdom became a deeper part of their understanding of how they work.

Enneagram for Teams

I offer Enneagram consultations for teams that include Enneagram assessments for all members, training on the types, points of integration and disintegration, and implications for your particular team. I will lead your team in discussing strengths and potential pitfalls of your team and help you discover what particular challenges will help your team grow.

Enneagram-Informed Supervision for Clinicians

For clinicians seeking to integrate Enneagram knowledge into their practice, I am a counselor supervisor and certified in the Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles. Catapult your effectiveness as a therapist and a practitioner by incorporating the Enneagram more deeply in your practice.

"From one-on-one coaching with key team members to doing and Enneagram training with our board, Janice made a significant and lasting impact on the health and vitality of our organization. Janice was able to utilize her understanding and mastery of the Enneagram to help otherwise valuable team members increase their self-awareness, which, in turn helped break behavior patterns that were having an impact on our overall dynamics. Likewise, she played a crucial role in elevating the self-awareness of our entire board through her Enneagram training, which set us up to be more effective in our strategic planning. "
~Mike Henderson
President and CEO
Associated Builders and Contractors, Greater Baltimore

What Integration and Disintegration can look like for the Types

Integration & Disintegration

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