If you can access life-changing and relationship strengthening skills from the comfort of your own home, why not take advantage of it? My online course was born out of the work I do day-to-day with clients. The skills taught in it are “road-tested” and client-approved.

Burnout Prevention for Ministry Leaders

Rediscover Joy and Purpose in Ministry

40% of ministry leaders and pastors are reporting experiencing burnout. A Vacation or Sabbatical won’t come soon enough for most people who need meaningful change to start TODAY. This course offers modules designed specifically for ministry leaders who feel they are losing their sense of joy and fulfillment in their call or who want to make sure they don’t! Utilizing her Divinity training, her years working in full time ministry and her training as a therapist and spiritual director, Janice dials in the essentials for longevity and sustainability in ministry life.
As a ministry leader, you face unique challenges that can drain your spirit and lead to burnout. But what if you could learn to manage these challenges with insight and focused actions? Janice’s new online course, developed from her highly acclaimed book, offers profound, scripture-based guidance tailored specifically for ministry leaders like you. Janice, a respected voice in ministry coaching, uses her extensive experience to help you understand and combat the stressors inherent in spiritual leadership. Through this course, you’ll gain tools not only to survive but to thrive, finding renewed joy and deeper fulfillment in your calling.

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I am passionate about ministry leaders staying vitalized and fulfilled in ministry. Don't let another year pass with just getting by!

In this 6-module course originally produced for pastors and chaplains in the ECC, Janice McWilliams will share powerful strategies for specialized self-care for people in ministry and clear, proven practices to prevent burnout.

You'll discover:

  • God’s heart for people thriving in ministry,
  • Jesus’ model for a sustainable pace in ministry life,
  • and clear practices that make a big impact.

You'll learn:

  • Misconceptions of self-care that actually might be harming you.

  • The particular ways tending thoughts and emotions impact ministry living.

  • How scripture affirms a fulfilling ministry life.

  • Why your self-care efforts aren’t having the impact you’d like.

  • How to retool your ministry and rest rhythms in your years, months, weeks, and days.

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 modules with teaching videos,

  • A 20-page workbook with reflection guides and discrete skills,

  • Stories and examples of people in ministry.

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