Two Things I think You’ll Love

Here’s my most recent podcast appearance with three really witty and thoughtful guys who know about life in ministry…..It’s called “Hold for Podcast” and I love what these guys (Macon Stokes, Alex Kirk, and Marshall Benbow) are about….

Listen to Hold for Podcast

My favorite moment of this podcast was when Macon said that he had never seen my four critical areas of self-care in one place. Oh, and I loved that he complimented my exegesis too!!  (that’s a fancy word for critical explanation of Biblical texts)

One of the hosts, Alex Kirk, is creating beautiful content for retreats that I cannot recommend highly enough.

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Here is a photo of me on a prayer retreat where I used Alex’s retreat materials. He led me through a really fresh and helpful look at Joel 2 that helped me walk through the different areas of God’s provision. Grain representing daily necessities, New Wine representing the work of the Spirit that I want/need, and Olive Oil representing God’s presence and anointing. These were truly helpful categories that shaped my retreat and gave voice and interpretation to my life at that time.

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