Twinkle Time Challenge

One way that we slow down during the Advent season is TWINKLE TIME.

We sit in our living room where the Christmas tree is, drink some tea or wine, and just enjoy the beauty of the tree and mantel while listening to some Christmas music, chatting or reading. 

So, I’m officially issuing a TWINKLE TIME CHALLENGE!!!!

You have one week until Christmas.

Here’s the challenge: do twinkle time at least 3 times this week.

You don’t have to sit there for hours, a few minutes will do! 


Merry Christmas,

Janice (with our puppy, ZuZu!)

7 Responses

  1. That would be a wonderful idea if only I had time to put up & decorate the tree, and then just to sit. My 84-year-old mum is in hospital, I still have three end of term reports to write for work this week, I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping, and I haven’t even had time to plan the menu for Christmas Day and beyond. Twinkle time is a distant dream…

    1. Ah, yes, sometimes life does not cooperate at all. I’m so sorry that you are facing such a challenging time. Bless you in the midst of it all. ~Janice

  2. I LOVE this! I also love your Christmas decorations. So I did your Twinkle Time Challenge this morning. I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps this year (working all the time and wondering how I’m going to get Christmas together for hosting and stuff). God showed me that I haven’t been content. In my Twinke Time I realized that my ability to interpret my God-given life as good and God’s actions toward me as good, is tied to my contentment, comfort & joy. I made a cup of Cold Weather tea and started counting my blessings. It changed my whole attitude. Thank you for sharing your heart this season! It helps so much. Appreciatively, Regina Ross

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