The Perfect Gift


My son wasn’t sure what he wanted for Christmas this year. After a great deal of thought, he came to me and said, “for Christmas I’d like something different than anything I already have. Something that’s really cool, really fun, that really suits me. And I want it to be something that will really surprise me.”

No pressure, right?

What my dear one doesn’t realize is that this is precisely the annual torture I go through every year. He doesn’t know the agony and deliberation behind the scene of our delightful Christmas mornings! He has no idea the web browsing and Facebook inquiries and conversations with other moms that happen in secret.

He has no idea how much I think of him.

Could part of our Advent wonderings involve us pondering how deeply and carefully God thinks about each one of us, his beloved children? The Advent season is intended to hold us in anticipation of the best gift that God could conceive. This effort involved careful knowing and pondering about every one of us. What an exquisite mystery!

We have no idea.


  1. I’m in the midst of trying to pick just the right gifts for my children too. All that time, earnest hope, consideration of where each child is in their lives right now… God did, and does that for me, too? Really? I feel like I can get a grasp of just the edge of that wonder. Thank you, Janice!

  2. This feels well worth pondering…I think of the spiritual gifts God gives each of us. And even the turns in the road which we didn’t expect or want. Might they turn out blessings of joy because the Lord has gone through such agony to select them for us in his great desire to ultimately do good to us?

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