Take a nap

Well, you did it. Christmas happened; the gifts, the food, the guests, the cheer. Now for that wonderful and sometimes difficult let-down. This year, how about making it your aim to enjoy it after all of your hard work to make Christmas special?

Take a nap

Read something frivolous


Waste time

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard on something…nothing wrong with moving fast. The run-up to Christmas can feel like a “fast” season for a lot of us. Seasons of “fast” are fine as long as they are mixed in with slow times…times like this week, the week after Christmas. 

Moving fast is only harmful if it is unrelenting.

Having a mix of fast AND slow in your life gives you a good break from the influx of stress hormone and stirs in a healthy dose of happy hormones. Chances are, you need this week of slowness so that you can speed up again when your life requires it.

Fast AND Slow

Sprinting AND Strolling

Going AND Stopping

Resist the temptation to fill it up with fast!

Enjoy slow.

Love, Janice

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