Me? Counseling?


Choosing to see a counselor can be a daunting experience. If your doctor, family member, or friend has suggested it, or if you have considered the idea on your own, you probably wonder where to go from here. The trick is #1—coming to terms with the idea, #2–finding a counselor who treats your particular problem with whom you feel comfortable and #3—getting your head around investing the time and money involved in therapy. Here are a few thoughts I offer to you based on the questions that many of my clients have asked during the investigation phase:


  • Going to counseling does not mean you are somehow a weak, deficient, or inferior person. Boosting your mental health is one of the wisest, sanest choices you can make for your overall quality of life.
  • Counseling requires a significant commitment to have the best outcome. Think of it like taking a college course or signing up for a certification of some kind. Either would require your time, financial and emotional investment.
  • Most people do not feel the need to be in counseling forever. Your commitment is very likely one to a season of therapy and you will probably know when it is time to end it.


Please feel free to call me to talk about the idea of treatment more. I am happy to field your questions as you process this important decision.

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