Creating Space


I spent this morning with 7 friends creating space to reflect on 2016 and look ahead to 2017. We tapped into gratitude, grief, regret, hope, and longing.

It was beautiful because our reflections were voiced and heard and held with great tenderness and care by others. We experienced the vulnerability of being known and the weight of actually saying things we felt called to do.

I’m so grateful for people who help me hold open space for the deeper reflections that help me see God’s activity in my life and press me to grow.

Here are some questions that some of us used as a tool for our time.


  • Take a few minutes to review the year generally.
    • What were key markers for you in your year? (both highs and lows)
  • What do you notice about your reactions to these things?
    • What are you glad to see? Grieved to see?
  • What were 2 or 3 times you sensed God’s presence/leadership/action most clearly this year?
  • When were 2 or 3 times you sensed God’s presence/leadership/action the least?
  • What scriptures were important to you this year?
  • What spiritual practices have felt life-giving? Which have been flat?
  • What do your sense about God’s work in you this year?
    • What has changed/developed in you over the past year?
    • What feels stuck or broken or incomplete?
    • What do you sense is shifting or moving?
  • What do you sense God saying to you about the year? (spend some time in quiet, listening)
  • What questions do you have for God out of this reflection?

Looking ahead to 2017

  • How are you starting this year? Emotionally? Spiritually? Relationally?
  • What feels out of balance? Out of control? Untended?
  • What feels grounded? Fruit-bearing? Solid?
  • Where have you been noticing God’s invitation to you? Consider all of the ways the Holy Spirit tends to lead you: ideas, convictions, questions, nudges, divine appointments, memorable conversations, dreams, longings……
  • What might faithfulness to God’s invitation to you look like in 2017? Be as broad and/or specific as necessary.
  • Are there particular scriptures or disciplines you feel pulled to practice or explore?
  • What are important relationships or activities that need your intentional effort this year? What shape could that effort take?



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