Another Practice to Prevent Burnout

Jesus does NOT want you to burn out!

So…. another practice to prevent burnout:

Make sure you have enough things you are looking forward to.

That means big things, like vacations, birthday/anniversary celebrations, or retirement. But it also means small things like treating yourself to a latte, a walk with a friend, or cooking a new recipe.

How does this help prevent burnout? Two things to know:

1—It represents a change in routine, which breaks up monotony. The variety gives us a sense of lift! One way I experience this is that every time I travel, I break my normal routine of HIIT workouts and weight training, and I do something different. If I’m in a hotel for a conference, I’ll do a Peloton workout in the fitness room. If I’m somewhere nice I’ll explore the area by taking a long power-walk or jog. If I didn’t allow myself these disruptions, I think I would have burned out on my program! And I look forward to the breaks and return to the routine with renewed energy!

2—Most of us know that much of the good of a vacation is anticipating the vacation before it happens. And so, planning to take vacations is wonderful burnout prevention! But we can get small doses of this anticipation effect by building in smaller things to look forward to into our days and weeks. Last week, knowing that I had a game night with friends on Saturday helped me through some difficult therapy sessions on Wednesday.

It only takes a bit of planning to give yourself the benefit of things to look forward to. So, my challenge to you is to pause RIGHT NOW and plan something that represents a little lift for you! We could all use some fresh ideas, so please write what you enjoy looking forward to in the comments!

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  1. I really want a gratitude journal. Payday is on Friday, so I’m looking forward to ordering one then. I know it will help me. I’m a Christian, but I’ve never had a gratitude journal and always wanted one. Any recommendations?

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