A “Restore My Soul” Lent Practice

What if Lent could be a season that feels spiritually renewing for you? In Restore My Soul, I write about the four essential realms of soul-restoring self-care; thoughts, emotions, rhythms, and fulfillment.

Most people need all four areas going well to feel their best.  That’s why so many people are writing me and telling me about which part of the book has impacted them the most!



  • Commit 2-3 of your favorite Bible passages to memory, practicing them daily over the course of Lent.
  • Practice the “Ministry of the Orange and Purple Pen” (p.47 of Restore My Soul) each day to help you learn to discern what is and is NOT the voice of the Good Shepherd in your life.


  • “Journal with Emotions” (p. 95 of Restore My Soul) by using the reflections questions to learn all that you can about your emotional life and grow more comfortable with your own emotions.
  • “Let the Psalms School You” (p. 97 of Restore My Soul) by choosing one Psalm per week and consider the emotions that are present in the Psalm and how the emotions shift and change within the Psalm


  • Commit to taking a “Better Break” each day (p. 132 of Restore My Soul) and insert a spiritual practice into the middle of your day for the 40 days of Lent.
  • Commit to a “Better Morning” each day of Lent (p. 134 of Restore My Soul) and do something new in your morning routine that helps you show more dependence on God (a longer time in prayer/scripture study, waking up for first light and morning prayers, a new or different practice of spiritual reading and reflection). 


  • Practice some kind of social media or phone limits challenge (p. 173 of Restore My Soul). For most of us, our phones represent our most direct challenge to fulfillment. Limiting our phone use can force us to consider what fulfillment we may be missing!
  • Create a “Fulfillment Recipe” (p. 185 of Restore My Soul) to practice the 40 days of Lent. This might include giving away one possession per day, writing a note of appreciation to someone each day, or practicing a secret act of kindness each day.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with a commitment you can’t keep. Just pick one thing! And enjoy the fruit of focusing on a small practice that could make a big difference in how you feel. 

If you don’t already have a copy, get yours today…or pass it along to someone who may need it!

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