A Resolution Worth Making

Here’s my idea: Resolve to do Something Fulfilling Every Day

I have given this assignment to so many of my clients who are really suffering horrible things and it makes a huge difference. The fulfilling things don’t have to be big, expensive, or time-consuming. They can vary from texting a friend who is hurting to doing 30 minutes of focused, fruitful work, to keeping a promise to your teenager. 

You may have to work a bit on what is fulfilling to you and you may need to be intentional about it. But the benefits are huge:

  • Regular doses of fulfillment have huge mental health benefits
  • Doing fulfilling things helps us live more aligned with our values
  • God created us to benefit from fulfillment! It gives us doses of happy hormones to do so.

So….what do you think? How fulfilling could 2023 be for you?

Warmly, Janice


P.S If you haven’t yet gotten a copy of my book, it is a wonderful guide to helping you think more about fulfillment and how to have more of it!

3 Responses

  1. I was thinking of flourishing which I believe is close to your idea of fulfilling. And I really like the way you suggest that we make this a daily habit. The challenging part for me would be to take the time to come up with a list of possible things to do. I can see how just taking the time to think along these lines can alter the neural pathways in a healthier direction.

    1. Yes!! I help readers create a “fulfillment recipe” in my book because, you are right, figuring out what is fulfilling can be a challenge. I like thinking about small things. For instance, today I drove my daughter to the train station to go back home to New Haven after her holiday visit. Instead of just leaving her on the curb, I parked came in, and waited with her until she got on the train. That was a choice towards just a bit more fulfillment in my day.

  2. I think this is a great suggestion –
    I did a number of fulfilling things the first two days of this year. Sending notes to my Urbana colleagues and going to church Sunday were fulfilling. Yesterday, my two fulfilling activities were enjoying a good dinner with my wife after being away for most of the previous week and climbing on my NordicTrak and putting in 30+ minutes when I really just wanted to go to sleep. I try to engage my colleagues at work with a faith oriented conversation or at least have meaningful personal connection with them each day. I was able to do so today. Since I just saw this email today, I am caught up and look forward to another 362 days of fulfilling activities.

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