A New Year’s Reflection Guide

Some questions to guide the process by Janice McWilliams

Looking back at 2023

Spend some time quieting yourself and asking the Holy Spirit to guide your reflections on 2023. 

  •  Take time to review the year generally. Review your journal, calendar or simply reflect
    • What were key markers for you in your year? (both highs and lows)
    • What events/relationships took up a lot of emotional space this year?
    • What events/relationships brought the most joy?
    • What major learning took place in your year?
  • What do you notice about your reactions to these things?
    • What are you glad to see?
    • Grieved to see?
  • What were 2 or 3 times you sensed God’s presence/leadership/action most clearly this year?
    • What contributed to your awareness/sensitivity to the Spirit?
  • When were 2 or 3 times you lacked God’s presence/leadership/action?
  • What contributed to your lack of awareness/insensitivity to the Spirit?
  •  What scriptures were important to you this year?
  •  What spiritual practices have felt life-giving? Which have been flat?
  •  What do you sense about God’s work in you this year?
    • What has changed/developed in you over the past year?
    • What feels stuck or broken or incomplete?
    • What do you sense is shifting or moving?
    • What longings have been realized?
    • Which longings are unfulfilled?
  • What themes are you noticing in 2023?
  • What do you sense God saying to you about the year? (spend some time in quiet, listening)
  • What questions do you have for God out of this reflection?


Looking ahead to 2024

Spend some time quieting yourself and asking the Holy Spirit to guide your reflections.

  • How are you starting this year?
    • Emotionally?
    • Spiritually?
    • Relationally?
    • Physically?
  • Considering how you are doing moving into 2024…
    • What feels out of balance?
    • Out of control?
    • Untended?
    • What feels grounded?
    • Fruit-bearing?
    • Solid?
  • Where have you been noticing God’s invitation to you recently?
    • Consider all of the ways the Holy Spirit tends to lead you: ideas, convictions, questions, nudges, divine appointments, memorable conversations, dreams, longings……
  • What might faithfulness to God’s invitation to you look like in 2024?
    • Be as broad and/or specific as necessary.
  • Are there particular scriptures or disciplines you feel pulled to practice or explore?
  • From 2023…
    • What would you like to bring with you?
    • What would you like to leave behind?
  • What learning would you like to pursue in 2024?
  • Considering your life rhythms…
    • Which rhythms feel essential to continue?
    • Which rhythms need tweaking or eliminating?
    • What new rhythms would serve you in 2024?
  • What are important relationships or activities that need your intentional effort this year?
    • What shape could that effort take?
    • What relationships or activities need to end or shrink?

Take some time to sit quietly in Jesus’ presence. Allow him to bless you.

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