The Best Summer Ever!


I’ve heard a lot of mixed feelings about summer’s arrival. Seems that people are simultaneously happy and anxious, wondering if this year’s summer months can live up to their desires. I hear a lot of parents filled with stress about how to juggle work without the structure of school. I hear a lot of very, very ambitious goals out there too. So, how do we go about having a realistic, reasonable, and enjoyable summer? Here are some thoughts that are resonating with me:

  • Get clear on your conscious and unconscious expectations. I realized that I was ramping up for a more relaxed pace when I was moving into a season of less childcare, my husband’s busy season for his work, and a rush of new clients all at the same time.
  • Recognize the gifts the season brings. I find it much easier to get out of bed early in the summer and enjoy being outside early, neither of which is enjoyable to me in the winter.
  • Decide what splurges will bring you joy (within reason) and do it. I’ve decided to buy all the fruit we want and enjoy it fully.
  • Ask what new/fresh spiritual discipline could fit into your life. I’ve started a spiritual book by an author I’ve never read.
  • Enjoy screen time without becoming a zombie. I’m trying to take the tact with my kids that screen time is not the enemy, but I want us to consider how to enjoy it with good boundaries. Screen Sabbaths and creative projects may be involved.
  • Don’t assume that there is sufficient down time in your summer simply because it is summer. Camps, vacations, and houseguests are replenishing in their own way, but may not be all the rest that you or your family needs. I’m trying to ask myself what we all need in the way of days with nothing planned at all.

It seems that the rhythms and seasons of our lives can blur and feel less distinct in this day and age. Sometimes it serves us to find the nuances of the seasons by intentional observation and planning. What connects about this for you? What are your thoughts about having an intentional and grounded summer?

I’ve been inspired in part by this article that helps families think through summertime. CLICK HERE for the complete article.


  1. Just read another blog today where the mom promised to make this the “best summer ever”… I thought that sounded like a rather large claim… Then I read this. Timely. I always seem to put too much expectation on the summer or vacation to make me happy when it’s not actually the source of joy.

    1. So hard as a Mom not to make those big promises! But maybe you should post this link to her site to help her manage her own expectations. 🙂

      First summer home with my kids! No work income–no planned camps! I’m hoping for plenty of downtime but also for active learning experiences. Hoping that we can work together to make all those things interesting and fun, but I also expect struggles along the way.

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