Say Yes, Dummy!

The text came from an old, dear friend out of the blue: “My daughter and I are going to Hawaii in 3 weeks, want to come?” I hate to admit this, but the objections came first:

  • It’s coming up too soon for me to arrange it
  • The time change will be brutal
  • 12 hours of flying time from here, ugh!
  • I can’t take the time off work and I’m “too busy”
  • It’ll be expensive and I haven’t planned for it

I wish I were the automatic yes-type! But I’ve learned about myself that it takes me a minute to pivot, readjust, and get to my yes. And this, my dear readers, was a VERY GOOD YES. 

  • It was a great way to invest in this friendship which is very important to me
  • It felt great to get away so spontaneously; sort of sneaky and rebellious
  • The beauty of the Big Island was great for my soul
  • It really was a trip I will never forget 

I really could have said no based on my early objections, but am I ever glad I said yes! The things I saw and experiences I had I will always have with me. The week I would have had at home would have blended in with the rest.

When and why are you tempted to say no to something great? What’s your process of getting to YES to the good things?

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  1. Many years ago in September my son called and asked if I wanted to meet him in Seattle(true😂). He delivered furniture for a well known company in Maine. My son wanted me to ride back cross country with him. At the time my husband and I owned a store in the Western Mountains of Maine and I knew my husband would probably not agree. I decided that when would I have a chance to be with my son! It turned out to be one of the most memorable times of being together. Great conversations and beautiful country plus he is a very good tractor trailer driver!! I am so thankful I had this opportunity❤️ By the way my trucker name is
    “MAMA LUGNUT”…..christened by my son👍🏻😊

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