Say more with less

This book…..yikes! Smart Brevity starts with this statistic: people spend, on average, 26 seconds reading a piece of content. 

That means that most of you will stop reading my post at the end of this sentence. 

But….if you choose to read more, I highly recommend this book

For any of us who are putting content out into the world, Smart Brevity is a must-read. This book will give you:

  • Step by step instructions to tighten up your copy
  • Compelling reasons WHY it is important
  • How to be heard at work
  • How to apply Smart Brevity concepts to
    • Email
    • Meetings
    • Speeches
    • Presentations
    • Social Media
    • And more!

And…true to it’s message, the book is visually compelling and accessible.

I honestly believe that this book could revolutionize your communication. 

Warmly, Janice

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