Not too Late to get Restore My Soul for Christmas!

There is still time to get a copy under your tree for your friends and family members. I’m starting to hear from people with whom I have no prior contact who have appreciated the book.

Here’s are a couple of reviews that gave me a boost from Goodreads and Amazon:


“I just loved everything about this book. It was well organized, I loved the writing style and tone, and the content was so applicable and practical. I have never felt the need for a therapist, but if this author could be my therapist, sign me up! Actually, that’s what I feel this book is: therapy for all people who “don’t need therapy”. I plan on rereading this book multiple times to get the full benefit.”


“Her writing is succinct and practical, filled with humorous and poignant anecdotes that make her points clear. This was a refreshing and truly helpful read, and one I highly recommend.”


It’s so encouraging to hear so many people say how practical and helpful Restore is. When I ponder my “special sauce” and the gifts God has given me, I know that synthesizing difficult concepts and breaking them down to understandable, doable steps is one of the reasons I’m here on earth. It makes me GIDDY to think that my special sauce is impacting people beyond my own circles.

Thanks for helping make that possible.

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  1. Yay! (Succinct). The feedback is right on and I am so glad a) you wrote the book and b) this feedback is coming in, both for you and readers of reviews.

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