My Holiday Self Care

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I did a pretty good job of staying off my phone, refraining from checking social media outlets or wondering about how my book is faring out in the wide world. I pulled my attention back to the present moment every time I felt my mind wandering to questions about everything I could be doing to help book sales along. And it was wonderful. 

What I found is that all of the effort gets a bit addicting. I’d been hard at work posting, speaking, presenting, and writing all in the service of doing my part to promote Restore My Soul. After pushing hard for that long, it’s as if my body resists slowing down. But I insisted. 

I cooked

I played games

I walked and listened to Michelle Obama’s audiobook

I did crafty things–and got my relatives to join me!

From the start of the whole book journey, I made a commitment to myself and to God; “I will work hard at the author-promotion part of all of this, but I will not make myself miserable doing it.”

I’m coming to believe that this commitment should be carried over into other parts of my life this month. Things like:

  • Decorating my house
  • Gift purchasing and giving
  • Hosting people and gatherings

I don’t mind working hard, but I don’t want to cross over into that all-too-pressured place of Christmas misery!

So, I’ll take my own advice and broaden my commitment.

I hope you will too.


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