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Feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed should NOT be the new normal!

You can feel MUCH better with small, focused interventions.

Restore My Soul will show you how.


Do you relate?

  • If you’ve been practicing self-care but it’s not working…
  • If your days off don’t make a dent in your deep feeling of overwhelm…
  • If you feel you’re teetering on the brink of burn-out…
  • If the important pieces of your life are in place, but you can’t seem to enjoy them….
  • If you feel that you’re on a treadmill that runs longer and faster every day…
  • If you’re leading people who feel any of these ways….

…you need this book!


Why pre-order, Janice? Can’t I just wait until the release date—November 8th?

  • Pre-orders contribute to sales rank which can help more readers discover my book. This is a key way you can help me get this valuable resource in front of so many others who need it!!!!! I would greatly appreciate it!


As a special thanks to you for pre-ordering, I’m offering a resource;  A DAILY FULFILLMENT RECIPE.

  • This guide will help you discover how to live with more fulfillment in ways that are imminently doable!
  • Unlocking fulfillment is one of the most overlooked aspects of self-care.
  • After ordering, copy the order # found either on the confirmation email or on your orders history.
  • Fill out this form and the link to your resource will be in your inbox soon!


Restore My Soul is a must-read for anyone feeling weary and worn out. With 23 concrete, life-changing skills, Janice McWilliams brings her 30 years of experience in the business of soul care to this imminently helpful book.

Using Jesus as a model, her training as a therapist and spiritual director, along with her own life experiences, Janice McWilliams brings a book that is a road map and a resource; chock full of life-changing skills and practices and illustrated with evocative stories and carefully explained skills.  Discover how self-care can be done moment-to-moment, hour-to-hour, and day-to-day, and find the rich and satisfying life that God wants for you.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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