I read this book recently that presses the idea that having seasons of moving fast is fine, but that we need to make sure we have seasons of slow mixed in.

Oh wait…

I wrote that book!

It’s one of the practices that I tout in Restore My Soul. It’s time for me to practice what I preach and downshift into a season of moving slower.

The runup to my book’s release and the weeks after have involved many blogs, launch team communications, social media posts, and a dozen or so talks, podcasts and presentations. And, while I’ve had good vacations and practiced Sabbath-keeping throughout these last couple of years of writing, editing, and launching, I’ve also worked hard most weeks and worked the better part of most Saturdays.

So, I’m going to:

·      Stop working on Saturdays

·      Take a week off at the end of February

·      Have more lunches with friends

·      Be…slower

It’s not easy to choose this. Book promotion stuff can still gobble up as much time as I give it. And I really want folks to know I’m available to speak, train, and present. I fear if I let up my efforts, I’ll be forgotten! But I sense the invitation of the Good Shepherd beckoning, assuring me that all will be well.

Psalm 23:2-3 sounds so nice in The Message version of the Bible:

 You have bedded me down in lush meadows,

            You find me quiet pools to drink from.

            True to your word,

            you let me catch my breath

            and send me in the right direction.

So I’m downshifting from a sprint mentality that was appropriate for the launch and into a marathon mindset. I will work steadily on this for the long haul; my book’s content will be relevant for a good, long, time. There’s no reason to rush. And I need to catch my breath…to make sure I’m being sent in the right direction.

4 Responses

  1. I love this post Janice, so much! Thank you for sharing it, I am marking my calendar as well for downshift days, makes sense to book them and also add as required.

    Thank you for showing up so honestly as you do, your realness is inspiring.

  2. Good to care for self. I am reading your book now- so even as you rest; your efforts are having an impact- so be encouraged. You deserve balance and breath, not just a fast, dizzying pace. Enjoy, refill, and be blessed. Become more grounded and centered. Hug friends. ENJOY!

  3. Great message! And thanks for continuing to help us put your inspiring words into actual practice in our lives.

  4. Might I suggest that the key to adjusting speed has to do with understanding your task. No question that a mom with small children works at a different pace, different mentality and a sense of impending doom that us retired folks avoid! A mom who tries to work all her life at the frenzied pace of raising toddlers is perhaps cheating herself and others. A weekend retreat is a welcome break but may not inspire adjustment of expectations. Instead, a life that balances the “pouring-in” with the “pouring-out” can be had with adjustments to passions, vision and task. Oh, and expectations. What do you really WANT?

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