A Fresh Direction for Prayer

This little book was a delightful surprise this winter. My husband and I used it as our focus for our morning prayer times and I found it to be a wonderful guide.

I’ve long practiced the examen prayer here and there in my life. It is a wonderful way to review our days noticing times of experiencing God’s closeness and blessing and also noticing times of distance and difficulty. In this book, Mark Thibodeaux takes that basic structure and expands with 34 different themes, giving us 34 different examen prayers.

There were several times I would see the title of the examen and think, “This is going to be so lame” only to find myself deeply considering God’s movements in my life in a way I hadn’t expected!

Here’s what I loved about this book:

  • It is easy to use–an examen for each day–Just read the prompts, get out your journal, and go!
  • It led me to focus on things I don’t normally pray about. The prompts got me considering stuff I usually gloss over. And I met Jesus in those places.
  • It helps you take a deeper look into your day, especially the details you might typically overlook or even avoid.
  • It was a bit like sitting with a really good question-asker who knows how to invite deep reflection. I loved being led like this!

So, if you’re looking for a great resource for your prayer life post-Easter, grab a cup of coffee, your journal, and this gem!


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