The Pursuit of Happiness

Iā€™m always skeptical about people who tout happiness as the ultimate human experience. If anything, I believe our society overemphasizes happiness and that direct pursuit of happiness is actually a fairly ineffective way to find it. So, I have to be honest that I was surprised how much I liked this list from a Huntington Post article. It is a list of habits practiced by joyful, happy folks. And so, I pass it on to you for your thought and reflection. Many of these habits can be implemented immediately and are great food for thought. Supremely happy people:

  • Surround themselves with other happy people.
  • The smile when they mean it.
  • They cultivate resilience.
  • They try to be happy
  • They are mindful of the good.
  • They appreciate simple pleasures.
  • They devote some of their time to giving.
  • They let themselves lose track of time.
  • They nix the small talk for deeper conversation.
  • They spend money on other people.
  • They make a point to listen.
  • They uphold in-person conversations.
  • They look on the bright side.
  • They value a good mix tape.
  • They unplug.
  • They get spiritual.
  • They make exercise a priority.
  • They go outside.
  • They spend time on the pillow.
  • They LOL.
  • They walk the walk.

Which of these habits helps your mood? And which will you intentionally try to implement?

For much more detail on each habit, check out the full article HERE.

5 Responses

  1. So, if it takes appreciating mix tapes to be a Happy Person, does that mean our children will never be TRULY happy? šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. I thought the same thing Renee. Another great article. Though I think “curiosity” or “continued learning” is missing from the list. Thanks Janice.

  3. Well, let’s hope that the updated version of this list will have “playlists” rather than mix tapes…..BUT maybe there IS a difference. After all, it takes a lot more work to make a mix tape!

  4. Rob is right. After years of living I say amen to this list even though I normally hate how to lists. I am working on looking for the good around me in others, small and big things, and even in me, yes even me.

  5. Love this list – it affirms that I need to give permission to myself to do these things. Some of them may be natural, but there’s a “script” out there with more work that is battling at the same time.

    Go outdoors – I think I’ve spotted truly brighter eyes in some friends’ toddlers after they camped as a family.

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