Audiobook Blunders and Wonders

“Hold on Janice, I think a truck just drove by.”

“Um…that was my stomach growling”


Justin, the sound technician who worked with me on recording the audio version of my book, laughed heartily with me.

I felt badly, drawing out the process with my unfed stomach. We recorded in 4-hour chunks, which winded up being the absolute max for me. I imagined that it would be my voice that got fatigued, but it was actually my body.

Sitting so still with my head just the right distance from the mic while turned slightly to read the iPad was much harder than I thought it would be. Even moving my feet around or scratching my nose could only be done on a break with the sensitive mic catching the slightest sound.

Everything about the process of developing and writing a book has been new and novel. I was excited about narrating for the audio version of my book. But I had to send in a recorded sample to get the gig, which surprised me, but makes sense. After all, we can’t all be Morgan Freeman!

From there, my publisher found this delightful music studio in my town to do the recording. Justin Levy was the master behind the scenes, and I had NO IDEA how much work it would involve for him! Justin was reading the manuscript while I read and catching all of my mistakes and bumps along the way.

Notable moments from the process:

  • I say “f”s really strangely, like a “v” sometimes. Had lots of redo’s.
  • Try saying “cognitive defusion” ten times. Easy to get tripped up, isn’t it?
  • Is the possessive of Jesus just Jesus’ or Jesus’s? Goes both ways apparently—Justin caught me trying to sneak in “Jesus’s” about half way through the book. We got it cleaned up!
  • Justin caught me saying the OPPOSITE of what I’d written at a few points that I did NOT notice. Very grateful. Big things like saying “it’s preferred” instead of “it’s not preferred”…yikes!


Throughout this journey, having the support of people like Justin, my editors, the publicity folks at Tyndale has been life changing to have … It takes a village to do this and I am glad I have been able to have this experience and develop a new appreciation for new professions in this world!

So, thank you JUSTIN LEVY of the Music Space in Towson, MD. You are so good at what you do, and I am grateful!

Who, by doing their job well makes your life a bit better? Take a moment to shout them out in the comments OR reach out to them personally and thank them for what they do!

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  1. Love audiobooks. Found myself at times sitting in the driveway after a short commute home from work still listening until the end of a chapter!

  2. Janice – what a great behind the scene peek into the travails of productions that
    few audiences ever get to see.
    The (totally) unrealistic perspective is that a final product goes smoothly from start to finish.
    It is refreshing to read your description.
    Keep up your good works in front of and behind the curtain.

  3. Janice,

    I am so excited for you. I hope your book and tape, get widespread attention. It is hard to come accross someone like you – knowledgeable, competent and kind!

    I pre-ordered the book a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to get it!
    All the best!

  4. Love your comments and pictures Janice!!
    Was looking where to preorder you book then the audio version showed up!!
    Would love to hear your voice reading it to me!
    Go for it Janice!!!

  5. So fascinating reading about your recording your audiobook. Things I never would have thought of, like outside noises interrupting your audio.
    Also, I could NEVER have gone 4 hours without figeting, scratching, wiggling, leaning over, moving my head, moving around in my chair. You are amazing!

  6. I took breaks every 20-30 minutes or so! But knowing what I do now about the process, I would schedule a massage after the last session to work out the tension in my body that grew along the way! But, overall, a fantastic experience.

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