Why my book addresses thoughts

Why my Book Addresses Emotions

Know what I love about Jesus?

He was a really emotionally healthy individual.

In the gospels, Jesus never:

  • Has to apologize for an unintended outburst
  • Harshes himself for overreacting
  • Succumbs to moodiness
  • Becomes swirly and despairing

All things that I do quite a lot. That’s why I’m grateful that the gospels include Jesus responding to his own emotions.

My book deals with emotions because it is our difficult-to-handle emotions that drive us into behaviors that hurt our relationships and get us into trouble. The more we know ourselves emotionally and understand our own predictable reactions, the more able we will be to choose our responses, to respond rather than react.

Step one, learn your own particular way you tend to RESIST your emotions and move towards EXPERIENCING them instead. Now this may sound bananas to some of you, but trust me, resisting emotions requires FAR more energy and effort than learning to experience them without resistance. But old habits die hard.

That’s why I teach 7 specific skills in my book to help you grow your emotional awareness and your ability to process emotions well. Growing your emotional intelligence is the kind of self-care that leads to sustainable living!

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