The Kony Video: Awareness Unleashed

Kony’s evil actions have run up against something that should leave him shaking in his shoes. That thing is AWARENESS. Last I checked there were 78 million views on the YouTube video ( that went viral last week. 78 MILLION views! Whatever controversy surrounds it, you cannot deny that something in the human consciousness has stirred. Kony’s evil actions in creating child soldiers and sex slaves have run up against the world’s awareness.

Awareness wakes us up. In the case of the Kony video, this awareness unleashes international possibilities. The power of awareness is mirrored in our own growth processes. In any of us, awareness opens up the possibility of transformation. When we wake up and SEE ourselves; our own dysfunctions, manipulations, and addictions, then unlimited possibilities open up. The process of being in therapy for many is a journey of creating the awareness that leads to transformation. There is nothing quite like seeing it happen. When clients wake up into a new level of awareness, you can sometimes feel the power of it. That’s what we are seeing in the popularity of the Kony video; people waking up into awareness and (hopefully) power will be unleashed.

What awareness is stirring in you? Did some of you become aware in some fresh ways after looking at last week’s “Questions We Don’t Like to Ask”?.  Your awareness is a great asset, whether it is about international justice or your own coping mechanisms.

What awareness is waking you up? Do you feel the power of it?

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