Enneagram Consultation and Coaching
The Enneagram is a tool that identifies strategies that each of us has adopted to deal with our lives. It has been utilized for personal growth by business leaders, therapists, coaches, spiritual directors, and spiritual masters in various traditions. For those who want to gain insight about their personality through use of the Enneagram, I offers a three-session consultation that includes an assessment of type, exploration of directions of integration and disintegration, relational issues, and spiritual implications. Many clients choose to continue with regular coaching as they learn the Enneagram and seek to understand how to apply the wisdom to their lives.
See my blog post called, “Why the Enneagram?”

The Enneagram wisdom tradition is a personality typing system that I use as a framework for helping couples see and appreciate differences. There is no better tool for couple growth than the Enneagram. I offer ongoing Enneagram coaching for couples who wish to understand and appreciate their spouses in a more complete way.

Enneagram for Teams
I offer Enneagram consultations for teams that include Enneagram assessments for all members, training on the types, points of integration and disintegration, and implications for your particular team. I will lead your team in discussing strengths and potential pitfalls of your team and help you discover what particular challenges will help your team grow.
Individual Spiritual Direction
Some people desire greater perspective into their relationship with God. I provide spiritual direction for those individuals who wish to grow in depth and awareness of the movement of God?s Spirit in their lives. The Enneagram is, in my opinion, an essential tool for the journey.