Online Courses

If you can access life-changing and relationship strengthening skills from the comfort of your own home, why not take advantage of it? My online courses were born out of the work I do day-to-day with clients. The skills taught in each course are “road-tested” and client-approved. They would take several weeks of therapy to cover, so I know you will appreciate their value.

Marriage Check-Up

This course is a 6-lesson course with 5-10 minute teaching videos that have a mix of personal and couple reflection to follow up. It is appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage and helps them assess the weak spots in their marriage and then target ways to grow. It is scalable; couples can choose challenges that can be done in very little time or they can make it a large focus. At the end of the course, couples will be able to see improvement in their connection and what I explain in the course to be their “Foundation of Goodwill”.

There are two introductory videos and then one lesson called “the Big Four” that you can preview before committing to buying the course.

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Anxiety Toolbox for the COVID-19 Crisis

Truth be told, I wish that every person who deals with anxiety would take this course. The content in it represents the absolute best of the evidence-based skills that any anxiety specialist would want their clients to know. I’ve made it accessible and applicable in the materials I provide. I often give it to my own clients so that they can review the things we discuss in session in the comfort of their own homes and come back to the salient modules as needed when they are struggling. This is a 9-lesson course with 10-20 minute teaching videos that have worksheets and reflection exercises to enhance learning. 

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