Janice’s Writing Project

In the fall of 2022, my book will be released, “Restore My Soul: Reimagining Self-Care for a Sustainable Life?.

Restore My Soul is the roadmap I?ve conceived that will help people do just that; move beyond occasional self-care efforts and towards day-to-day abundant living. It begins with each individual?s inner experience. People are hurting because they don?t know how to make each day of their inner lives manageable. The capacity to impact one?s own experience of thoughts, emotions, and moods is beyond imagination for most of us. If we can learn to apply self-care internally, we will be able to experience the full range of emotions with confidence.  We can notice our thoughts and consider whether and when to spend time on them, we can connect with others and be alone, we can engage and withdraw, we can move fast and slow.

We need much, much more than a self-care model that involves occasional last-ditch interventions when a person becomes exhausted, overwhelmed, sick or addicted to some substance. The belief that our internal lives is our responsibility to nurture continually is the simple, yet revolutionary idea that has the potential to change lives. Restore My Soul broadens the conversation about self-care beyond issues of avoiding exhaustion and over-commitment and towards consideration of a day-to-day lifestyle that supports continual well-being. It encourages care of oneself in the moments and hours of everyday life instead of just an isolated day off work.