Client Testimonies

“Working with Janice helped each of us identify and isolate things we did as individuals that negatively impacted our relationship as a couple. We both experienced “a-ha!” moments that resonated deeply and personally. Janice’s personalized approach to helping us understand each others’ deepest wants and needs, paired with her always practical and actionable advice, helped us build a stronger foundation of love and trust. Now, we confidently face life’s everyday drama as a team, in a healthy, loving way. Working with Janice has been one of the most fun and positive things we’ve chosen to do together as a couple to strengthen our marriage.”–K (and P)

“I hit a season when I couldn’t see myself very clearly.  I was broken by the choices of others and by the choices I had made.  My wife and family saw things that I couldn’t.  I had been sending people to Janice for help for a number of years.  She had a fantastic reputation from all that I had referred to her.  So, I finally made the decision to make an appointment for myself.  She gave me hope and guidance.  She helped me uncover the reasons behind why I thought the way I did and felt the way I felt.  She even did the hard work of helping me to see why I was acting the way I was acting.  She helped this pastor change from the inside out because she helped me to understand who I was despite all my circumstances and to whom I really belonged.” –E

“Janice was my solid ground during an extremely rocky time in my life.  She enveloped me in her kindness and compassion and guided me toward self-forgiveness, strength and wholeness.   With her keen insight and gentle guidance, I not only made it to the other side of that tumultuous year, but am stronger and wiser for it.  I am forever grateful to have found her and comforted by the thought that she will be there for me again should the need arise.” –K